A.   Currently registered off highway vehicles, (OHVs) meaning ATVs and UTVs, or side-by-sides, as they are called, may be operated on all city streets, and the same are hereby designated as open to such off-highway vehicle use.
   B.   The headlights on the off-highway vehicle will be on at all times when operating on Plain City streets.
   C.   All off highway vehicles will have current liability insurance and must be in the person's immediate possession.
   D.   Prior to using any off-highway vehicles under this chapter, the owner must obtain a sticker from the city office that is valid for two (2) years and shall cost up to ten dollars ($10.00), indicating:
      1.   Proof of liability insurance; and
      2.   An affidavit signed by the owner that the stock muffler hasn't been altered and verification that a map has been provided to the owner indicating limitations on off highway use.
   E.   Operation of two-stroke vehicles are prohibited on Plain City streets.
   F.   An off-road motorcycle (dirt bike), is not considered an ATV or UTV, and therefore not legal for operation on Plain City streets. (Ord. 2020-06, 4-16-2020)