A.   Adopted: Pursuant to the terms of Utah Code Annotated section 58-56-4(2) and Utah administrative code section R156-56-701, the city hereby adopts the international building code (IBC), as modified by chapter 11 of the supplement to the international building code, promulgated by the International Code Council, and amendments thereto as adopted under the Utah administrative code, together with standards incorporated into the IBC by reference, including, but not limited to, the international energy conservation code (IECC) promulgated by the International Code Council and the international residential code 1
(IRC) promulgated by the International Code Council. (1982 Code § 9-531; amd. Ord. 2002-05, 4-18-2002, eff. 4-18-2002; 2003 Code)
   B.   IBC Amendments: The IBC adopted in subsection A of this section is amended by the statewide amendments contained in Utah administrative code section R156-56-704. All of those amendments included in said section R156-56-704 are hereby incorporated into this section by this reference.
   C.   Update Of Amendments: The amendments adopted in subsection B of this section shall be automatically updated whenever additional amendments are adopted by the division of occupational and professional licensing and/or the uniform building code commission pursuant to their authority under Utah Code Annotated sections 58-56-4(4) and 58-56-7, and added to the amendments included in Utah administrative code section R156-56-704 as referenced herein.
   D.   Exemptions: Structures used in relation to tilling of soil, raising of crops or keeping or raising domestic animals for the purpose of food production and which are not occupied by human beings are exempt from the permit requirements of the IBC. Construction, expansion, maintenance, repair or replacement of such buildings are still subject to the permit requirements of the other city ordinances or codes, as applicable. (Ord. 2002-05, 4-18-2002, eff. 4-18-2002)



1. See also chapter 4 of this title.