A.   Good Repair: All users of the sewer services shall keep their service pipes, connections and other apparatus in good repair and protected from frost at their own expense. No person, except under the direction of the public works director, shall be allowed to dig into the street for the purpose of removing or repairing any sewer service pipe or main.
   B.   Quality Of Service Pipe: All service and other pipes used in conjunction with the sewer services of the city shall be of such material, quality and specifications as the city council may from time to time by resolution provide, and shall be installed at such distances belowground as may be specified by regulations relating to the public works department. All work, alterations or extensions affecting sewer pipes shall be subject to the acceptance of the public works director, and no connections with sewer mains shall be made without first obtaining a permit therefor from the city recorder or public works director. (Ord. 2005-08, 8-18-2005, eff. 8-18-2005)