8-1-4: FEES:
   A.   Service Rates And Connection Fees: The sewer service rates, penalty fees for delinquency in payment and connection fees shall be fixed from time to time by resolution or ordinance of the city council. The city council may from time to time enact rules for levying, billing, guaranteeing and collecting charges for sewer services and all other rules necessary for the management and control of the sewer system.
   B.   Special Rates: The city council may from time to time fix by agreement or resolution special rates and conditions upon such terms as they may deem proper for users of the sewer service discharging wastes of unusual characteristics or making use thereof under exceptional circumstances.
   C.   Annual Review: The city council shall review the total annual cost of operation and maintenance and the long term debt service relating to the public sewer system, not less often than once every year. The user charge system shall be set so as to be no higher than the level necessary to assure equity of the system is established, and to assure that sufficient funds are obtained from the city's user charge system to:
      1.   Adequately operate and maintain the wastewater treatment works;
      2.   Cover debt service; and
      3.   Provide for adequate reserves.
Users will be notified at least annually of any changes to the user charge system.
   D.   Complaints; Corrections: The city council is hereby constituted a board of equalization of sewer rates to hear complaints and make corrections of any assessments or charges deemed to be illegal, unequal or unjust. (Ord. 2005-08, 8-18-2005, eff. 8-18-2005)