A.   Agreement: Any person who desires or is required to secure sewer service when such service is available from the city sewer systems shall apply therefor to the city recorder or public works director and file an agreement with the city which shall be on file in the city office.
   B.   Nonowner Applicants: Applications for sewer service made by the tenant or an owner must, in addition to the above requirement, be guaranteed by an agreement signed by the owner of the premises or his duly authorized agent in such form as is on file in the city office.
   C.   Treatment Costs: All costs and expenses associated and incidental to providing for the required handling and treatment of all sewage including inflow and infiltration (I/I) shall be borne by all users of the Plain City public sewer system. (Ord. 2005-08, 8-18-2005, eff. 8-18-2005)