A.   Nonexclusive Franchise; Authority: The city is empowered and authorized to issue nonexclusive franchises governing the installation, construction and maintenance of systems in the city's rights of way, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The franchise is granted through a franchise agreement entered into between the city and provider.
   B.   Provider Required To Obtain: Except to the extent preempted by federal or state law, as ultimately interpreted by a court of competent jurisdiction, including any appeals, every provider must obtain a franchise prior to constructing a telecommunications system or providing telecommunications services using the rights of way, and every provider must obtain a franchise before constructing an open video system or providing open video services via an open video system. Any open video system or service shall be subject to the customer service and consumer protection provisions applicable to the cable TV companies to the extent the city is not preempted or permitted as ultimately interpreted by a court of competent jurisdiction, including any appeals. The fact that particular telecommunications systems may be used for multiple purposes does not obviate the need to obtain a franchise for other purposes. By way of illustration and not limitation, a cable operator of a cable system must obtain a cable franchise, and, should it intend to provide telecommunications services over the same system, must also obtain a telecommunications franchise.
   C.   Nature Of Grant: A franchise shall not convey title, equitable or legal, in the rights of way. A franchise is only the right to occupy rights of way on a nonexclusive basis for the limited purposes and for the limited period stated in the franchise; the right may not be subdivided, assigned or subleased. A franchise does not excuse a provider from obtaining appropriate access or pole attachment agreements before collocating its system on the property of others, including the city's property. This subsection shall not be construed to prohibit a provider from leasing conduit to another provider, so long as the lessee has obtained a franchise.
   D.   Current Providers; Time Limit To Request: Except to the extent exempted by federal or state law, any provider acting without a franchise on the effective date hereof shall request issuance of a franchise from the city within ninety (90) days of the effective date hereof. If such request is made, the provider may continue providing service during the course of negotiations. If a timely request is not made, or if negotiations cease and a franchise is not granted, the provider shall comply with the provisions of subsection 7-5-12D of this chapter.
   E.   Nature Of Franchise: The franchise granted by the city under the provisions of this chapter shall be a nonexclusive franchise providing the right and consent to install, repair, maintain, remove and replace its system on, over and under the rights of way in order to provide services.
   F.   Regulatory Approval Needed: Before offering or providing any services pursuant to the franchise, a provider shall obtain any and all regulatory approvals, permits, authorizations or licenses for the offering or provision of such services from the appropriate federal, state and local authorities, if required, and shall submit to the city, upon the written request of the city, evidence of all such approvals, permits, authorizations or licenses.
   G.   Term: No franchise issued pursuant to this chapter shall have a term of less than five (5) years or greater than fifteen (15) years. Each franchise shall be granted in a nondiscriminatory manner. (Ord. 2000-05, 5-4-2000, eff. 5-4-2000)