A.   Conflicts: In the event of a conflict between any provision of this chapter and a franchise entered pursuant to it, the provisions of this chapter in effect at the time the franchise is entered into shall control.
   B.   New Developments: It shall be the policy of the city to liberally amend this chapter, upon application of a provider, when necessary to enable the provider to take advantage of any developments in the field of telecommunications which will afford the provider an opportunity to more effectively, efficiently or economically serve itself or the public. (Ord. 2000-05, 5-4-2000, eff. 5-4-2000
   C.   Notices: All notices from a provider to the city required under this chapter or pursuant to a franchise granted pursuant to this chapter shall be directed to the officer as designated by the mayor or city council. A provider shall provide in any application for a franchise the identity, address and phone number of the person designated to receive notices from the city. A provider shall immediately notify the city of any change in its name, address or telephone number. (Ord. 2000-05, 5-4-2000, eff. 5-4-2000; amd. 2003 Code)
   D.   Exercise Of Police Power: To the full extent permitted by applicable law either now or in the future, the city reserves the right to adopt or issue such rules, regulations, orders or other directives that it finds necessary or appropriate in the lawful exercise of its police powers.
   E.   Construction:
      1.   Federal And State Statutes: This chapter shall be construed in a manner consistent with all applicable federal and state statutes.
      2.   Applicability: This chapter shall apply to all franchises granted or renewed after the effective date hereof. This chapter shall further apply, to the extent permitted by applicable federal or state law, to all existing franchises granted prior to the effective date hereof and to a provider providing services, without a franchise, prior to the effective date hereof.
      3.   Other Applicable Ordinances: A provider's rights are subject to the police powers of the city to adopt and enforce ordinances necessary to the health, safety and welfare of the public. A provider shall comply with all applicable general laws and ordinances enacted by the city pursuant to its police powers. In particular, all providers shall comply with the city zoning and other land use requirements.
      4.   City Failure To Enforce: A provider shall not be relieved of its obligation to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter or any franchise granted pursuant to this chapter by reason of any failure of the city to enforce prompt compliance.
      5.   Construed According To Utah Law: This chapter and any franchise granted pursuant to this chapter shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the substantive laws of the state. (Ord. 2000-05, 5-4-2000, eff. 5-4-2000)