A.   Power And Authority Of Animal Control Officer: In the performance of his duties, the animal control officer is hereby vested with the power and authority of that office within the animal control department. Badges of authority shall be issued by the animal control director to officers having received and been sworn to the oath of office by the city recorder.
   B.   Investigation: Animal control officers and or peace officers may enter upon privately owned land to investigate reports of vicious animals, cruelty cases, rabies and other contagious animal disease, and to investigate violations of and enforce the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   Applicability Of Procedure For All Peace Officers: The provisions of this chapter shall govern all peace officers in issuing citations for violations of this chapter, but the procedure prescribed herein shall not otherwise be exclusive of any other method prescribed by law for the arrest and prosecution of a person for an offense of like grade. (1982 Code § 13-208)