A.   Those persons or entities whose negligent or intentional actions cause or create, in whole or in part, a hazardous materials emergency within the boundaries of the city are liable to the city for all costs and expenses incurred in or arising from response to such hazardous materials emergency by the city and any other political subdivision, agency or cooperative entity. The city shall recover all such costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, litigation expenses and court costs incurred in, related to or arising out of, all cost recovery efforts and enforcement of the terms of this chapter.
   B.   All costs and expenses shall be billed at the current rate established and approved by resolution of the executive committee of the interlocal agreement for cooperative hazardous materials protection and services.
   C.   The payment of expenses under this section does not constitute an admission of liability or negligence in any legal action for damages. (Ord. 2015-04, 11-5-2015)