A.   Authority: The city council may, after a hearing, revoke or suspend any beer license on a finding by it that the licensee or his officers, agents or employees have violated any provision of this chapter or any ordinance of the city, whether now or hereafter enacted, which in any way relates to the operation of the business or the safety of the public.
   B.   Hearing: A hearing may be required by any person:
      1.   That is denied or refused a beer license by any officer, agent or employee of the city.
      2.   Whose beer license is revoked, restricted, qualified or limited from that for which it was first issued.
   C.   Request For Hearing: The request for hearing must be made in writing to the mayor or city recorder and made within thirty (30) days following the date notice denying, refusing, removing, qualifying, restricting or revoking the beer license is mailed by the city to the applicant or license holder at his address as it appears on the application or license.
   D.   Time And Place; Witnesses; Decision: Following receipt of a request for hearing, the city council shall inform the person requesting a hearing of the time and place the hearing is to be held. At the hearing, the aggrieved party shall have the right to hear and examine any witnesses the city may produce to support its decision and to present his own evidence in support of its contention. The city council shall, within ten (10) days following the conclusion of the hearing, in writing, inform the person who requested the hearing of the decision of the city council.
   E.   Limitations Of Hearing: This section shall not be construed so as to afford any aggrieved party more than one hearing before the city council, nor shall the hearing provided in this section apply to any criminal complaint or proceeding. (1982 Code § 9-427)