A.   Required: Commencing September 1, 1987, no person shall be granted a license to operate or maintain a trade, profession or calling, the transaction or carrying on of which requires a license, within the city, if such person operates an establishment which as part of its business serves "alcoholic beverages", as defined in Utah Code Annotated section 32A-1-105(2), to the public for consumption on the premises, unless that person shall show by certificate(s) granted by the Utah department of alcoholic beverage control, or by adequate proof of the existence of such certificate(s), that each employee of the business engaging in the serving, selling or furnishing of such alcohol on the premises has completed the alcohol training and education seminar, as required in Utah Code Annotated section 62A-8-403.
   B.   New Employees: Every new employee, hired after the licensee has been licensed in compliance with subsection A of this section, who is required to complete this seminar shall complete the seminar within six (6) months of commencing employment. Violation of this section will result in revocation of the license granted under this chapter unless compliance with this section is completed within two (2) months of the time that licensee first became aware that such violation occurred. (Ord. 87-2, 7-9-1987)