A.   Authority: All licensed premises shall be subject to inspection by any officer, agent or peace officer of the city or the alcoholic beverage control commission, or the state board of health, and every licensee shall, at the request of the state board of health, furnish to it samples of beer which he shall have for sale.
   B.   Revocation: Any license granted pursuant to this chapter may be revoked upon a finding by the city council that the licensee has had ten (10) days' or more notice from the state board of health that the licensee is violating one or more health ordinances, rules or regulations of the city or of the Utah division of health and has failed to comply with such health ordinance, rule or regulation. (1982 Code § 9-426)
   C.   Close Of Business: The city council may direct the sheriff's office to close down any business licensed under this chapter where the state board of health has determined that continued operation of the business presents an imminent danger to the health of the community or persons who may eat or drink at the business. (1982 Code § 9-426; amd. 2003 Code)