A.   Tax Exempt Businesses: No license fee shall be imposed under section 3-1-5 of this chapter on any person engaged in business for solely religious, charitable, eleemosynary or other types of strictly nonprofit purpose which is tax exempt in such activities under the laws of the United States and the state, nor shall any license fee be imposed on any person engaged in a business specifically exempted from municipal taxation and fees by the laws of the United States or the state; nor shall any license fee be imposed upon any person not maintaining a place of business within the city who has paid a like or similar license tax or fee to some other taxing unit within the state and which taxing unit exempts from its license tax or fee, by reciprocal agreement or otherwise, businesses domiciled in the city and doing business in such taxing unit.
   B.   Reciprocal Agreements With Other Agencies: The license assessor and collector may, with approval of the city council, enter into reciprocal agreements with the proper officials of other taxing units, as may be deemed equitable and proper in effecting the exemption provided for in subsection A of this section. (1982 Code § 9-124)