(A)   Regular Municipal elections shall be held on the dates and times set forth by the election laws of the State of Ohio.
   (B)   The Council may, at any time, order a special election by legislation which shall set forth the date and purpose of the election, including, without limitation, the referral of pending legislation to the electors for their approval or rejection. Special elections may be held on any date.
   (C)   All regular and special elections shall be conducted by the election officials of Madison County, Ohio, Union County, Ohio, and the State of Ohio. Elections shall be held in a manner as provided under this Charter or as otherwise provided by the Council.
   (D)   The Council shall have the power to appropriate and expend public funds to pay the costs of providing information to the public in connection with tax, bond, and other non-partisan public issues, but not in connection with the election of any candidate for public office.