(A)   The Director of Law shall be an attorney-at-law duly authorized and licensed, in good standing, to practice law in the State of Ohio. The Director of Law or any attorney engaged by the Director of Law, need not be an elector or resident of the Municipality.
   (B)   The Director of law shall be appointed and removed by the Administrator, subject to the consent and approval of the Council. The Director of Law shall serve as the legal advisor to the Administrator and the Council.
   (C)   The Director of Law shall be the legal advisor for the Municipality and shall represent the Municipality in any proceedings before any court or before any administrative body, including serving as Prosecutor of the Mayor's Court. Subject to Council approval, the Director of Law may alternatively facilitate representation of the Municipality by the hiring of assistant(s) or engaging outside counsel. Any assistant(s), outside counsel, or employees of the Department shall be promoted, suspended, removed, or otherwise disciplined by the Director of Law. The Director of Law shall perform all other powers, duties and functions now or hereafter imposed on the Director of Law as required by this Charter, by legislation of the Council, the Administrator or the general laws of Ohio to the extent those laws are not in conflict with this Charter.
   (D)   In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Director of Law, a successor shall be appointed by the Administrator, subject to the consent and approval of the Council. The Administrator shall designate a qualified person to serve as the Acting Director of Law to carry out the powers, duties, and functions of the office in the case of the temporary absence or disability of the Director of Law.