(a)   Zoning Inspector to Issue Permit. The Zoning Inspector must issue a temporary sign permit prior to the erection or construction of any temporary sign listed in this Section. No sign shall contain more than two faces nor be illuminated. The maximum square footage allowed for a temporary sign shall apply to each face. The Zoning Inspector shall collect a fee for each temporary sign permit issued. The fee is due when the permit is issued.
   (b)   Banners. Banners shall be allowed only upon buildings in non-residential districts and only under the terms and conditions set forth herein.
      (1)    Use. One banner may be used only in connection with a grand opening or special event.
      (2)    Location.  A banner shall only be displayed upon the exterior of the building within which the use utilizing the banner is located, shall not be displayed above the roof line, and shall not obscure more of a window area than is permitted in Section 1199.03(c)(13).
      (3)    Time limit. A banner may be displayed only for a period of thirty consecutive days, which shall begin with the first day upon which it is displayed.
      (4)    Limit on Number Per Year. No single establishment may display more than four banners per year.
      (5)    Size. Banners shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in size.
   (c)    Project Construction Signs. Project construction signs announcing the names of contractors, material men, developers, designers and financial institutions participating in the construction of a building shall be permitted only during the actual time of construction and shall be limited to only one (1) sign per building, shall not exceed twenty (20) square feet in area for a residential project and thirty-two (32) square feet for a non-residential project, shall not exceed four (4) feet in height for a residential project and ten (10) feet in height for a non-residential project, and shall be located no closer than fifteen (15) feet from any public right-of-way. Such signs shall be removed within thirty (30) days after the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
   (d)    Subdivision Signs. Signs advertising the sale of platted lots in a subdivision may be erected and displayed in such subdivision provided not more than one (1) such sign facing on any one (1) street shall be permitted in any subdivision. Such signs may also be used to advertise the sale or lease of multi-family units or store or office space in a commercial development; however, such signs shall not be utilized to advertise the sale, lease, or development of land. Such signs may not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in area and cannot exceed six (6) feet in height, excluding the sign support. The sign support cannot exceed three (3) feet in height. The sign must be set back a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from the public right of way. Such signs shall be permitted until 90 percent of the platted lots are transferred.
(Ord. 5-14.  Passed 8-25-14.)