1199.01  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to provide standards for on-site signs for purposes of navigation, information and identification to safeguard life, health, property, safety and public welfare. To provide the public with a safe and effective means of locating businesses, service areas and points of interest in the Municipality while encouraging creativity, variety and compatibility, and enhancement of the Municipality's image. The provisions of this Chapter are intended to:
   (a)    Encourage creative and well-designed signs that contribute in a positive way to the Municipality's visual environment, express local character, and help develop a distinctive image for the Municipality.
   (b)    Encourage signs that are responsive to the aesthetics and character of their particular location, adjacent buildings and uses, and the surrounding neighborhood. Signs should be compatible and integrated with the building's architectural design and with other signs on the property.
   (c)    Limit the height and size of signs to those that are appropriate in scale to the community.
   (d)    Ensure that allowable commercial signs are used for the benefit of businesses located in Plain City, at the place of business, to help provide wayfinding for motorists and pedestrians and to allow those businesses to identify and advertise on their signs.  (Ord. 5-14.  Passed 8-25-14.)