(a)   No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, altered, or demolished, nor shall any building, structure, or land be established or changed in use without a permit issued by the Zoning Inspector. Zoning permits shall be issued only in conformity with the provisions of this Zoning Code unless the Zoning Inspector receives a written order from the Board of Zoning Appeals deciding an appeal, conditional use, or variance.
   This section shall in no case be construed as requiring a Zoning Permit in the event of a change in ownership or tenancy only, without a change in use or intended use, provided that no structural repairs, alterations or additions are proposed for such building.
   A Zoning Permit is not required for re-roofing (including replacing sheathing), window and door replacement without changing dimensions, or remodeling where no walls or floors are added, changed, or removed.
   (b)   Temporary Uses.  The following regulations are necessary to govern the operation of certain uses that are non permanent in nature.  Application for a Temporary Zoning Permit, where applicable, shall be made to the Zoning Inspector, containing a graphic description of the property to be utilized and a site plan, a description of the proposed use, and sufficient information to determine yard requirements, setback, sanitary facilities, and parking space for the proposed temporary use.  The following uses are deemed examples of temporary uses and shall be subject to the specific regulations and time limits which follow and to the regulations of any district in which such use is located:
      (1)   A real estate sales office, including a mobile office, may be permitted within any district for any new subdivision which has been approved by Plain City.  Such office shall contain no living accommodations. The permit shall be valid for six (6) months, but may be granted six month extensions if conditions warrant such renewal.  Such office shall be removed upon completion of sales of the lots therein, or upon expiration of the Temporary Use Permit, whichever occurs sooner.
   Temporary offices including mobile offices for contractors and equipment sheds incidental to construction projects may be permitted within any district.  The permit shall not be valid for more than one (1) year but may be renewed for six month extensions if construction is substantially underway.  Such uses shall be removed immediately upon completion of the construction project, or upon expiration of the Temporary Use Permit whichever occurs sooner.
      (2)   In circumstances where building permits are issued by Union County  no  such building permit shall be issued prior to the issuance of the proper Zoning Permit by the Village Zoning Inspector.  No building shall be occupied until  a Certificate of  Occupancy is obtained from Union County  and the Village of Plain City.
   (c)    Contents of Application for Zoning Permit.  Each application for a Zoning Permit shall be made in writing and be signed by the owner or applicant attesting to the truth and exactness of all information supplied on the application. Each application shall clearly state that the permit shall expire and may be revoked if work has not begun within one year or substantially completed within 2-1/2 years. At a minimum, the application shall contain the following information and be accompanied by all required fees:
      (1)   Name, address, and phone number of applicant;
      (2)   Legal description of property;
      (3)   Existing use;
      (4)   Proposed use;
      (5)   Zoning district;
      (6)   Plans in triplicate drawn to scale, Prepared by a surveyor licensed in the state of Ohio showing the actual dimensions and the shape of the lot to be built upon; the exact size and location of existing buildings on the lot, if any; easements; and the location and dimensions of the proposed buildings, structures, or alterations;
      (7)   Building heights and setback lines;
      (8)   Number of off street parking spaces or loading berths, and their layout;
      (9)   Location and design of access drives;
      (10)   Number of dwelling units;
      (11)   If applicable, application for a sign permit, or a conditional, special, or temporary use permit, unless previously submitted;
      (12)   Elevations of existing and/or proposed buildings and structures including:
         A.   Top of curb and flow line of gutter;
         B.    Finished floor;
         C.   Top of foundation;
         D.   Final grades
         E.    Garage floor.
      (13)   Such other documentation as may be necessary to determine conformance with, and to provide for the enforcement of, this Zoning Code.
   (d)   Issuance of Certificates.  Within 30 calendar days after receipt of an application, the Zoning Inspector shall either approve or disapprove the application in conformance with the provisions of this Zoning Code.  All zoning permits shall, however, be conditional upon the commencement of work within one year from date of approval.  One copy of the plans shall be returned to the applicant by the Zoning Inspector, after the Zoning Inspector has marked such copy either as approved or disapproved and attested to same by his signature on such copy.  The Zoning Inspector shall retain one copy of plans, similarly marked.  The Zoning Inspector shall issue a placard to be posted in a conspicuous place on the property in question, attesting to the fact that the activity is in conformance with the provisions of this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 13-11.  Passed 10-24-11.)