The volunteer fire department may consist of forty five (45) members, including the officers thereof, which membership may be increased or decreased in number by a resolution of the council.
Membership in the department shall be voluntary and neither the officers nor the members thereof shall receive compensation for services performed, except as herein provided.
The fire chief and assistant chiefs and captains shall receive such compensation as is prescribed by resolution of the council, and all members of the department who attend and perform services at all fires and fire drills shall be compensated as follows:
   (A)   The city shall pay to the department each month, for all services performed and fire drills attended during the preceding month by officers and members, the sum of four dollars ($4.00) per man for each hour or fraction thereof required to suppress or control all fires.
   (B)   Members shall be compensated at the rate of four dollars ($4.00) per hour for each hour for attending practice, drills and school. The council may, at any time by resolution, reduce, increase and discontinue the further payment to the fire department of the amount of payment herein provided. (Ord. 891, 5-16-1963; amd. Ord. 1263, 5-26-1981)