(A)   For the efficient use of water, grading of a project site shall be designed to minimize soil erosion, runoff, and water waste. A grading plan shall be submitted as part of the landscape documentation package. A comprehensive grading plan prepared by a civil engineer for other city permits satisfies this requirement.
      1.   The project applicant shall submit a landscape grading plan that indicates finished configurations and elevations of the landscape area including:
         (a)   Height of graded slopes;
         (b)   Drainage patterns;
         (c)   Pad elevations;
         (d)   Finish grade; and
         (e)   Stormwater retention improvements, if applicable.
      2.   To prevent excessive erosion and runoff, it is highly recommended that project applicants:
         (a)   Grade so that all irrigation and normal rainfall remains within property lines and does not drain on to nonpermeable hardscapes;
         (b)   Avoid disruption of natural drainage patterns and undisturbed soil; and
         (c)   Avoid soil compaction in landscape areas.
      3.   The grading design plan shall contain the following statement: "I have complied with the criteria of the regulations and applied them accordingly for the efficient use of water in the grading design plan" and shall bear the signature of a licensed professional as authorized by law. (Ord. 1675, 11-24-2015)