(A)   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to establish regulations to allow for the establishment of commercial cannabis businesses permitted and licensed in accordance with title 5, chapter 28 of this Code to limited areas that may include the cultivation, manufacture, processing, laboratory testing, transporting, dispensing, distribution, or sale of cannabis or a cannabis product.
   (B)   Definitions: The definitions under section 5-28-5 of this Code shall apply in the interpretation of this chapter.
   (C)   Applicability: A parcel of land that has the Cannabis Business Overlay Zone may engage in a commercial cannabis business activity when permitted, licensed and in compliance with title 5, chapter 28 of this Code. Said CBO Zone shall only be applied to Commercial, Highway Commercial, Heavy Commercial, and Industrial Zone Districts.
   (D)   Permitted Uses: All of the uses permitted by-right or by conditional use permit shall be those listed in the underlying zone district and to include commercial cannabis business activities as authorized herein.
   (E)   Regulations: The regulations under title 5, chapter 28 of this Code shall supplement all development standards and general regulations in the underlying zone district.
   (F)   Review Process: Prior to engaging in a commercial cannabis business activity, a Certification from the Development Services Director must be obtained in accordance with section 5-28-23 of this Code.
   (G)   Terms And Renewal: The terms and renewal process for commercial cannabis business permits shall be in accordance with section 5-28-13 of this Code.
   (H)   Inspection And Enforcement: Inspection and enforcement shall be in accordance with section 5-28-46 et seq., of this Code. (Ord. 1695, 1-22-2019)