(A)   Purpose: This zone is intended to provide for those uses and activities customarily conducted by government agencies and philanthropic nonprofit organizations.
   (B)   Permitted Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright:
Charitable and philanthropic institutions.
Governmental buildings and facilities designed for public use and accommodation.
Public libraries, museums and schools.
Reconstruction of single-family dwellings provided that the other regulations of this title are met.
Uses, buildings and structures incidental, accessory and subordinate to permitted uses.
Water and wastewater treatment plants, substations and other public service facilities of a similar nature.
Any other use deemed by the planning commission to be compatible with the intent of the PF zone and surrounding uses.
   (C)   General Regulations:
      1.   Minimum lot area: Six thousand (6,000) square feet.
      2.   Minimum lot width: Sixty feet (60').
      3.   Maximum building height: Forty five feet (45').
      4.   Yards and building setbacks:
         (a)   Front yards: Ten feet (10'), except when abutting a residential zone the setback shall be twenty feet (20').
         (b)   Side yard: Ten feet (10').
         (c)   Rear yard: Five feet (5'), except where abutting a residential zone rear yard shall be required, except as provided in subsections (C)1 and (C)2 of this section. The setback shall be not less than twenty five feet (25').
         (d)   Encroachments into required yards shall comply with subsection 10-4-3(B) of this title.
      5.   Maximum building coverage: Sixty percent (60%). (Ord. 1487, 1-14-1992)