Pursuant to its authority, the city of Placerville adopts the procedures and remedies set forth in this title for the enforcement of this code and state codes adopted by the city. The purpose of this chapter and chapters 4A and 4B of this title is: (Ord. 1571, 5-8-2001; amd. Ord. 1642, 6-14-2011)
   (A)   To provide standards for the enforcement of this code and other applicable laws;
   (B)   To establish administrative sanctions for violations of this code and other applicable laws as an alternative to criminal or civil enforcement penalties;
   (C)   To establish a hierarchy of administrative sanctions and a prescribed method for enforcement through administrative hearings that are consistent with constitutional protections;
   (D)   To provide for administrative abatement to remedy code violations and to provide for the recovery of costs incurred in administrative abatement as allowed for by state law; and
   (E)   To provide for judicial review of final administrative orders or decisions made pursuant to this title in accordance with the procedures set forth in Code Of Civil Procedure sections 1094.5 and 1094.6.
Nothing in this chapter is intended to abridge or modify the authority of the city manager or other designated person to enforce this code through criminal or civil penalties where such remedies are designated by ordinance as appropriate. (Ord. 1571, 5-8-2001)