(A)   Purpose: The purpose of this zone designation is to:
      1.   Protect the watershed, preserve steep lands in their natural state and provide open spaces.
      2.   Preserve lands suited for eventual development, pending proper scheduling for the economical provision of utilities, streets, schools, recreation areas and other necessary facilities at the time demand warrants it.
      3.   Provide lands for outdoor recreational uses on all types of agricultural activities such as raising crops, fruits and animals, providing they do not constitute a nuisance to adjoining properties.
      4.   Provide for the development of single-family estates in areas served with limited utilities and facilities.
      5.   Create conditions conducive to a desirable rural environment, protect it from the encroachment of unrelated uses affecting the development of vacant land and detrimental to existing residences, and limit the continuance of such uses in existence in the area. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991)
   (B)   Permitted Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted outright:
Agricultural use such as raising and grazing of livestock, poultry or other animals; growing and harvesting of trees, fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains or other crops; storage, packing or processing of agricultural products produced on the property, without changing the nature of the products; sale on the property of products produced thereon; provided, that such uses are carried on by a resident of the property, are incidental to the residential use thereof and are not a nuisance to the contiguous properties; employee housing, large.
Domestic violence shelter.
Employee housing, small.
Home occupations.
One accessory dwelling unit, subject to the requirements within section 10-4-12 of this title.
One-family dwelling, one guesthouse; renting of not more than one room.
Residential care facilities and residential service facilities for six (6) or fewer residents, provided said facility is located at a distance of one thousand feet (1,000') or more from any other existing community care facility as measured from any point upon the outside walls of the structures housing such facilities.
Small and medium family daycare home. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991; amd. Ord. 1627, 9-9-2008; Ord. 1667, 10-28-2014; Ord. 1692, 10-24-2017)
   (C)   Conditional Uses: The following uses and their accessory uses are permitted when authorized in accordance with the provisions of section 10-3-3 of this title:
Mobilehome parks.
Uses stated in section 10-3-4 of this title. (Ord. 1649, 7-10-2012)
   (D)   General Regulations:
      1.   Maximum density: 0.20 dwelling unit per acre.
      2.   Minimum parcel area: Five (5) acres.
      3.   Maximum building coverage: Twenty percent (20%).
      4.   Minimum parcel width: One hundred fifty feet (150').
      5.   Minimum yards; setback:
         (a)   Dwelling: Front, fifty feet (50'); sides, twenty feet (20'); rear, thirty feet (30').
         (b)   Agricultural structure: Front, fifty feet (50'); sides, fifty feet (50'); rear, fifty feet (50').
      6.   Maximum building height: Thirty five feet (35').
      7.   Minimum parcel frontage: One hundred fifty feet (150'). (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991)