2-2-3: MEMBERS:
The planning commission shall consist of five (5) regular members. Each regular seat on the commission shall be designated by number from one to five (5). All appointments to the planning commission shall be made as follows:
   (A)   Interview: When an appointment is to be made to the planning commission the city council shall interview all eligible persons who have applied for an appointment together with any other eligible person who has been recommended by any member of the city council. (Ord. 1361, 12-11-1984)
   (B)   Interview Vacancy Procedures: The interview time shall be set by the mayor. If there is a scheduled or unscheduled vacancy, any of the council members desiring to submit names for consideration shall do so at least five (5) days before the interview. Notice of the scheduled vacancy shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation in the city and shall be posted in the office of the city clerk no later than forty five (45) days before the scheduled vacancy. Interviews for a scheduled vacancy shall take place no later than fifteen (15) days before the vacancy occurs, and the appointment shall be made at the council meeting immediately preceding the scheduled vacancy, with the appointment to be effective as of the date of the scheduled vacancy. In the event that there is an unscheduled vacancy, notice of such vacancy shall be posted as required by Government Code section 54974, and the appointment shall be made at the next council meeting after the interviews are completed, but in no event shall the appointment be made prior to ten (10) working days after the posting of said notice, unless an emergency exists, in which case the appointment may be made pursuant to Government Code section 54974(b). Members appointed for a scheduled or unscheduled vacancy shall be by majority vote of the city council members. (Ord. 1500, 12-8-1992)
   (C)   Qualification Requirements: Upon appointment to the planning commission, the appointee shall either be: 1) a city resident, or 2) a property owner within the city limits and who lives within the community region, or 3) a primary business owner within the city limits who lives within the community region, as shown on exhibit A attached to the ordinance codified herein, available for inspection in the office of the city clerk. A majority of the planning commissioners shall be residents within the city limits. Said term shall automatically expire if he/she no longer meets the qualification requirements. (Ord. 1555, 2-9-1999)