(A)   Maintenance Agreement Required For Various Forms Of Attached Single-Family Dwellings: The applicant shall submit a copy of a maintenance agreement covering the following items listed below. A maintenance agreement must be recorded prior to receiving the certificate of occupancy for any unit. Applicants should contact the lending institution of their choice to review the maintenance agreement proposed to be recorded. The items that must be mentioned in the maintenance agreement are as follows:
      1.   Purpose of the agreement. Included in this area should be comments with reference to the protection of the value and desirability of the property. The conditions, covenants and restrictions of the agreement shall stay with the real property and will run with the land in perpetuity. Therefore, the agreement must be recorded.
      2.   The legal description of the property.
      3.   The maintenance agreement must define the scope of the maintenance; what is to be maintained; i.e., roof, foundation, walkways, parking areas, etc.
      4.   A provision must be included for insurance coverage with reference to the common area and the common improvements. The insured amount must be sufficient to cover the replacement value of the common area improvements and the common improvements.
      5.   Allocation of costs per unit (monthly, semiannual or annual homeowners' dues).
      6.   Define method for notification of levying assessments and liens.
      7.   Lien foreclosure plan.
      8.   Mortgage protection clause.
      9.   A stipulation that no alterations to the exterior of the building can be made without approval of all owners.
      10.   No accumulation of garbage, rubbish or offensive material shall be permitted.
      11.   Define how a dispute will be settled in the event of a disagreement by the owners with reference to assessments, maintenance, etc.
   (B)   Separate Utility Hookups Required: Separate utility hookups are required for all attached single-family units. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991)