(A)   General Provisions: This section shall be known as the bed and breakfast ordinance of the city.
   (B)   Purposes: This section is hereby established to allow for the establishment of bed and breakfast establishments within the residential zones of the city upon conforming to set criteria and conditions and upon review and approval by the Placerville planning commission.
   (C)   Criteria And Conditions:
      1.   The structure to be used as a bed and breakfast establishment shall be of historic significance. It is the applicant's responsibility to show proof of historic significance to the planning commission.
      2.   Two (2) parking spaces plus one additional space per room to be rented must be provided.
      3.   Tandem parking is allowed; however, not more than two (2) cars per tandem space shall be allowed.
      4.   No residential structure shall be removed in order to allow for a bed and breakfast use, nor shall such a structure be removed in order to provide parking for such a use.
      5.   All parking spaces shall be paved to city standards with materials that maintain the historical character of the neighborhood.
      6.   If the applicant is unable to meet the criteria of subsections (C)2, (C)3, (C)4 or (C)5 of this section, the applicant may request special consideration from the Planning Commission. The City's intent is not to encourage yards to be destroyed, landscaping removed, or the integrity of the neighborhood altered in order to provide parking. In such a case the applicant shall submit an analysis of parking required and parking provided within a three hundred foot (300') radius of the subject parcel.
      7.   One nonilluminated sign may be erected on the property, not to exceed eight (8) square feet in size. No single dimension of the sign shall exceed four feet (4'). The sign shall complement the nature of the use; i.e., historic structures should have a historic style sign.
      8.   The proprietor and owner are required to occupy the property.
      9.   The structure shall remain a residential structure; i.e., the kitchen shall not be remodeled into a commercial kitchen.
      10.   Meals shall be served only to residents and overnight guests.
      11.   The use is subject to review at any time and may be revoked after a hearing by the Planning Commission and a finding by the Planning Commission that the use has become detrimental to the surrounding neighborhood.
      12.   A bed and breakfast use must comply with all other provisions of the zone in which it is located and must comply with all other ordinances of the City.
      13.   A City business license is required.
      14.   Any other conditions deemed essential and desirable by the Planning Commission may be imposed on such a use.
      15.   Permit to allow bed and breakfast use shall be issued for a period not to exceed two (2) years.
      16.   Any permit is transferable provided that the criteria and conditions are adhered to.
   (D)   Procedures: An applicant for a bed and breakfast establishment shall follow the procedures for a conditional use permit as specified in section 10-3-6 of this title. (Ord. 1474, 1-8-1991)