Whereas, the council has determined that it would be for the best interest of the city for it to enter into a contract with the county of El Dorado for the county to enforce all public health laws within the city; and
Whereas, the council has examined and approved a contract for such services, which has been submitted to the council by the county of El Dorado, a copy of which is attached hereto, it is hereby resolved that the contract be approved by the council and that Merle Thomas as mayor and Harold W. Duden, as city clerk, are hereby authorized and instructed to execute the contract on behalf of the city.
This Agreement, made and entered into in quadruplicate this first day of December, 1952, by and between County of El Dorado, a political subdivision of the State of California, hereinafter referred to and called "County", and the City of Placerville, a municipal corporation, hereinafter called "City",
Whereas, the respective parties hereto have found it will be for the best interest of said City and of said County that the County Health Officer of El Dorado County act for said City of Placerville.
Now, Therefore, pursuant to authority vested in the above referred to public agencies and in consideration of the payments hereinafter provided for, and of the performance of the covenants hereinafter contained, the said County and said City agree that the Health Officer of said County shall perform in said City all the functions relating to the enforcement in said City of all ordinances of said City relating to public health and general sanitation, and the making of all inspections and the performance of all functions in connection therewith, and of all functions and duties as authorized under Sections 480, 481 and 482 of the Health and Safety Code, State of California, including control of communicable diseases general sanitation, food inspection, quarantine and isolation regulations and other public health matters as are now or may hereafter be conferred upon health officers by State law and local ordinances within the City or County, Said County agrees to furnish to said City such services of a health officer at the date thereof or at any time during the life of this agreement.
It is understood and agreed that this contract shall be in force and effect until terminated, as hereinafter provided.
In consideration of the agreement of the County herein contained, the City agrees to pay to the County the sum of one dollar ($1.00) for the services performed for the City by the County under the terms of this agreement.
It is understood and agreed that said City may as it sees fit appoint additional public health personnel for duty within said City except that such appointments shall be passed upon by the Health Officer as to ability and qualifications, and that all such appointees shall be under the control and supervision of the Health Officer. The expense involved as to salaries, mileage, supplies and equipment for City appointed public health personnel shall not be chargeable to said County. Said City further agrees that said Health Officer of said County shall have such power and assistance in said City, including access to such information and records of said City necessary and usually extended to the City Health Officer for law enforcement.
Said City agrees and understands that said Health Officer may perform services for said County outside of said City; provided, however, that City appointees will cooperate under the orders of the Health Officer with County Public Health personnel in problems wherein mutual benefit to said City and said County is involved, and that there will be no duplication of service by the above named public health personnel.
It is also further understood and agreed that copies of this agreement will be distributed to said County and said City, and County Health Officer, and the California State Department of Public Health, Division of Local Health Service, 639 Phelan Building, 760 Market Street, San Francisco 2, California.
It is also further understood and agreed that either party hereto may terminate and end this agreement on the first day of any month during the life of this agreement by giving to the other party thirty (30) days notice of its intention to so terminate and end this agreement, anything herein contained to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.
In Witness Whereof, the said County has, by order of the Board of Supervisors, caused this agreement to be subscribed by the Chairman of said Board of Supervisors, and to be attested and the seal of said Board affixed hereto by the Clerk of said Board, and the City has, by order of its City Council, caused this agreement to be subscribed on its behalf by the Mayor of said City and to be attested and the seal of said City affixed hereto by the Clerk of said City as of the day and year first above written.
(Res. 692, 12-15-1952)