(A)   Reserved.
   (B)   Any duly authorized police officer is hereby authorized to remove or cause to be removed any inanimate object other than a motorized vehicle which is parked on the streets or in the parking lots of the city.
   (C)   After having been removed from the street or parking lot, the inanimate object shall be stored by the city at the city of Placerville corporation yard. As soon as the owner of the inanimate object has been discovered, notice shall be given to the owner that the inanimate object has been stored at the corporation yard of the city and the owner shall be entitled to retake possession of the inanimate object at any time during normal working hours.
   (D)   The person owning the inanimate object shall pay a storage charge to the city of twenty dollars ($20.00) for each day the inanimate object has been stored by the city, which said sum shall be payable prior to the owner retaking possession of the inanimate object. (Ord. 1688, 2-28-2017; amd. Ord. 1701, 12-10-2019)