Any provision of this code which regulates traffic or delegates the regulation of traffic upon state highways in any way for which the approval of the department of transportation, state of California, is required by state law, shall cease to be operative six (6) months after receipt by the council of written notice of withdrawal of approval of the state department.
Whenever this code delegates authority to a city officer or traffic committee, or authorizes action by the council to regulate traffic upon a state highway in any way which by state law requires the prior approval of the state department of transportation, no such officer or traffic committee shall exercise such authority nor shall such action by the council be effective with respect to any state highway without the prior approval in writing of the state department of transportation when and to the extent required by the Vehicle Code.
The council may, by resolution, establish on said state highways, any of the parking zones described in this chapter, subject to the approval of the state department of transportation as prescribed above. (Ord. 1688, 2-28-2017; amd. Ord. 1701, 12-10-2019)