When used in this title, the following words and terms shall have the meanings herein ascribed to them, unless the content makes such meaning repugnant thereto:
CURB: The lateral boundaries of that portion of a street designated or intended for use of vehicles, whether marked by curbing construction, or by stone, cement, concrete or other material, or not so marked.
HOLIDAY: Any legally declared state or federal holiday.
LOADING ZONE: An area, space or section of the curb set aside for the exclusive use and purpose of loading and unloading of persons, supplies and merchandise.
NO PARKING ZONE: An area, space or section of the curb by or adjacent to which no vehicle, whether occupied or not, attended or unattended, shall stop, stand or park.
OPERATOR: Every individual who shall operate a vehicle as the owner thereof or as the agent, employee or permittee of the owner.
PARK: The stopping or standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, attended or unattended, on any street.
PARKING METER: Any device which, when the recording dial thereof is set in motion by the deposit of any coin, shall register the time during which any vehicle is parked adjacent to the parking meter.
PARKING METER ZONE: An area or space upon any street, designated by lines or other markings, and of sufficient size to permit the parking of only one vehicle.
STREET: Any public street, avenue, road, boulevard, highway or other public place, located in the city, and established for the use of vehicles.
TRAFFIC COMMITTEE: A committee to consist of the city administrator, the chief of police, and the city engineer.
U-TURN: The making of any turn while traveling in any direction so as to proceed in the opposite direction.
VEHICLE: Any device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported upon a street or highway, except a device which is operated upon rails or tracks. (Ord. 646, 7-2-1934; amd. Ord. 703, 6-17-1946; Ord. 977, 5-28-1968; Ord. 1080, 2-10-1976; Ord. 1688, 2-28-2017)