The following trees are exempt from the provisions of this chapter:
   (A)   Those trees which comprise a nursery, garden center, tree farm or orchard, or previously used as a fruit orchard.
   (B)   The first ten (10) trees removed from any one parcel, which is limited to ten (10) trees within any one calendar year.
   (C)   Trees removed or trimmed by a public utility in the normal course of its business to protect existing or construct new public utility lines and facilities.
   (D)   The removal of hazardous, dangerous, dead or diseased trees whose condition poses a threat to person or property, provided that the person making application for removal of the tree has provided a report from a tree specialist that the tree is indeed hazardous, dangerous, dead or diseased. However, if there is any extreme emergency condition where a tree may fall and cause property damage or bodily injury, the tree inspector may waive the requirement for a report and order the removal of the tree. No fee will be charged when emergency conditions exist. It is the intent of this chapter to encourage property owners to remove hazardous or dangerous trees.
   (E)   Trees removed for commercial purposes on parcels three (3) acres or larger when the property owner has filed a harvest plan with the California state department of forestry and satisfied all other requirements of said department. (Ord. 1509, 5-24-1994)