APPROVING BODY: The approving body for an application for a subdivision shall be the city council. The planning commission shall, after review, make a recommendation to the city council.
CITY INSPECTOR: A city inspector employed by the city to administer the provisions of this chapter or any other person designated by the development services director. The city inspector may be assisted by a tree specialist.
DISCRETIONARY PROJECT: A project where the city council or planning commission has, within limits, the power of free decision or latitude to approve or deny a project such as a subdivision.
SIGNIFICANT FOREST ALTERATION: The removal or destruction of more than ten (10) "trees" as defined herein per calendar year per parcel.
SUBDIVIDABLE PARCEL: Any lot or portion of a lot that can be further subdivided or partitioned into five (5) or more lots under the city's zoning or subdivision regulations (as determined by an analysis of city staff).
TREE CANOPY: The cross sectional area of a tree measured on a horizontal plane twenty feet (20') above the natural ground level.
TREE SPECIALIST: Any person recognized by a professional horticultural or arborcultural forestry organization as having scientific knowledge in the cultivation of trees and shrubs including tree surgery, and the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tree disease and control of pests.
TREES: For the purpose of determining canopy any living woody perennial plant having a trunk circumference of twenty four inches (24") (approximately 71/2 inches in diameter) measured twenty four inches (24") above the ground or any tree twenty feet (20') high or higher. (Ord. 1509, 5-24-1994; amd. Ord. 1654, 6-25-2013)