Whenever any sidewalk within the city becomes defective from want of repair or renewing, the superintendent of streets may, by notice in writing, notify the owner of the real property to renew or repair the sidewalk, specifying in the notice what repairs are required. After the expiration of ten (10) days time from the day of service of the notice, the city shall be deemed to have acquired jurisdiction to contract for the making of necessary repairs if such repairs be not commenced and diligently prosecuted to completion, and the superintendent of streets may enter into contract with any proper person to make the repairs at a reasonable price and at the expense of the city; and all such expenses with the cost of collecting the same shall become a lien upon all of the lots or subdivision of land that the sidewalk may be contiguous to; and the lien may be enforced and foreclosed as hereinafter provided. (Ord. 1480, 8-27-1991)