7-13-17: LIEN:
As to such property where the responsible party is the owner, if all or any portion of the costs of abatement remain unpaid after thirty (30) days, pursuant to the authority created by law, including Government Code section 38773 et seq., such portion shall constitute and is hereby declared to constitute a lien on the property which was the subject matter of the abatement effort. Resolution of lien shall be presented to the city council, and upon passage and adoption thereof, shall cause a certified copy of the lien to be recorded with the recorder's office of El Dorado County.
A graffiti nuisance abatement lien shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder in El Dorado County. From the date of recording, the lien shall have the force, effect and priority of a judgment lien.
A graffiti nuisance abatement lien or a special assessment authorized by this chapter shall specify the amount of the lien or special assessment; the name of the agency on whose behalf the lien or special assessment is imposed; the date of the abatement order; the street address; legal description and assessor's parcel number of the parcel on which the lien or special assessment is imposed; and the name and address of the recorded owner of the parcel. (Ord. 1561, 8-24-1999)