7-13-12: ABATEMENT:
If the city manager's decision is not appealed and the nuisance is not abated within the time set by the notice of intent to remove graffiti, the chief of police or his/her designee is authorized to enter upon the premises and abate the graffiti nuisance through the utilization of labor, equipment and materials as directed by the chief of police. The graffiti shall be removed as authorized herein, but the removal shall not involve the painting or repair of a more extensive area than is necessary for such removal. The chief of police shall then prepare a statement of the fact of such abatement, and the expense incurred in abatement, and shall file the statement with the city clerk. Such statement shall identify the premises, state the costs of the action taken, and shall be done in accordance with section 7-13-15 of this chapter. If the premises includes more than one parcel of real property, each separate parcel, or all of the parcels, may be set forth in the same statement. (Ord. 1561, 8-24-1999)