The purpose of this chapter is to provide a program and enforcement tools in addition to those already provided by state law for the removal of graffiti from property, buildings, structures, walls and places on both public and private property, and to prevent and control further spread of graffiti in the city. The city council finds and declares that graffiti on public or private buildings, structures and places, creates a condition of blight within the city that tends to reduce the value of property, promotes deterioration of surrounding property, invites vandalism, and results in the loss of pride in affected neighborhoods and loss of business to neighboring commercial enterprises, all to the detriment of the city. While state law imposes criminal penalties for the application of graffiti, state law does not provide adequate means for prompt abatement and removal of graffiti.
The city council further finds and declares that the proliferation of graffiti constitutes a public nuisance that presents an imminent danger to the public safety and welfare. Law enforcement officials and other experts agree that immediate removal of gang related graffiti is necessary to reduce the risk of violent and other criminal activities associated with gangs and gang territories. The failure to immediately abate graffiti encourages the proliferation of additional graffiti which results in neighborhood blight, additional criminal activity, and increased costs of abatement. Such a public nuisance therefore constitutes an immediate threat to public health and safety that must be abated.
The city council intends, through the adoption of this chapter, to give notice to all who disregard property rights of others, that the city will strictly enforce all laws prohibiting graffiti, including, but not limited to, California Penal Code sections 594, 594.1 and 640.5, California Vehicle Code section 13202.6, and all provisions of this chapter. The city council further intends by adoption of this chapter to implement a graffiti eradication program to assist Placerville residents and businesses with the eradication of graffiti from public and private property. (Ord. 1561, 8-24-1999)