(A)   The city may immediately suspend or terminate the wastewater service of an FSE and property owner when such suspension or termination is necessary in order to stop an actual or imminently threatened discharge that is in violation of law, including, but not limited to, the following:
      1.   An imminent or substantial endangerment to the health or welfare of people or the environment;
      2.   An obstruction to the wastewater collection system; or
      3.   Any circumstance that is likely to cause a violation of any relevant permit or waste discharge requirement of the city, or any applicable law, unless immediate action is taken to prevent its occurrence.
   (B)   Any person notified of a suspension or termination of wastewater service shall immediately stop or eliminate all discharges to the public sewer system. In the event of a failure of the person to comply voluntarily with the suspension or termination order, the director shall take such steps as he or she deems necessary, including immediate severance of the sewer connection, to prevent or minimize damage to the environment, collection system and/or the regional wastewater control facility. The director may reinstate the wastewater service only upon proof that the circumstance that caused the suspension or termination of wastewater service has been adequately addressed and the circumstance no longer presents a danger to the environment or to the city's wastewater system. A detailed written statement submitted by the FSE and the property owner describing the cause of the harmful discharge and the measures taken to prevent any future occurrence shall be submitted to the director within fifteen (15) days of the effective date of the suspension or termination. (Ord. 1646, 5-8-2012)