(A)   The director may inspect and sample or order the inspection and sampling of the wastewater discharges of any FSE to ascertain whether the intent of these regulations is being met and the FSE is complying with all requirements. The FSE shall allow access to the FSE premises, during normal business hours, for purposes of inspecting the FSE's grease control devices or interceptor, reviewing the manifests, receipts and invoices relating to the cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the grease control devices or interceptor.
   (B)   The director shall have the right to place or order the placement on the FSE's property, or other locations as determined by the director, such devices as are necessary to conduct sampling or metering operations. Where an FSE or property owner has security measures in force, the FSE or property owner shall make necessary arrangements so that the director and/or an inspector shall be permitted to enter without delay for the purpose of performing their specific responsibilities.
   (C)   In order for the director to determine the wastewater characteristics of the FSE for purposes of determining compliance with this chapter, the FSE shall make available for inspection and copying by the director, an inspector, an enforcement officer and/or service personnel, all notices, monitoring reports, waste manifests, and records including, but not limited to, those related to wastewater generation and wastewater disposal. All such records shall be kept by the FSE a minimum of three (3) years. (Ord. 1646, 5-8-2012)