(A)   The director may require periodic reporting of the status of implementation of kitchen BMPs, in accordance with the FOG control program.
   (B)   If, following an inspection of the FSE, it is apparent that the FSE has not used or maintained its grease interceptor or grease removal device, has failed to properly implement kitchen BMPs, or has failed to abide by any condition imposed upon a conditional waiver granted pursuant to section 7-5-13 of this chapter, the director may require visual camera inspection at the sole expense of the FSE or property owner to observe the actual conditions of the sewer lateral serving the property and sewer lines downstream.
   (C)   The director may require reports for self-monitoring of wastewater constituents and FOG characteristics from the FSE or property owner needed for determining compliance with any conditions or requirements as specified in this chapter. Monitoring reports of the analyses of wastewater constituents and FOG characteristics shall be in a manner and form approved by the director and shall be submitted upon request of the director. Failure by the FSE or property owner to perform any required monitoring, or to submit monitoring reports required by the director constitutes a violation of this chapter and shall be cause for the city to initiate all necessary tasks and analyses to determine the wastewater constituents and FOG characteristics for compliance with any conditions and requirements specified in this chapter. The FSE and property owner shall be responsible for any and all costs and expenses of the city in undertaking such monitoring analyses and preparation of reports and such costs and expenses are deemed a debt of the owner of the pertinent FSE and the property owner to the city, enforceable and collectible as provided by law.
   (D)   Other reports may be required by the director, such as compliance schedule progress reports, FOG control monitoring reports, grease interceptor and grease removal device operation and maintenance reports, and any other reports deemed reasonably appropriate by the director to ensure compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 1646, 5-8-2012)