(A)   The director may require the FSE or property owner to construct and maintain in proper operating condition at their sole expense, flow monitoring, water quality monitoring and/or sampling facilities.
   (B)   The location of the monitoring facilities shall be representative of actual discharge conditions.
   (C)   FSEs and/or owners of premises where wastewater is generated and discharged to the sewer system shall allow the director and designees immediate and safe access to all parts of the wastewater generating and disposal facilities for the purposes of inspection and sampling during all times the FSE is open, operating, or any other reasonable time.
   (D)   The FSE or property owner shall, upon request, submit to the director waste analysis plans, contingency plans, and other necessary information to verify compliance with these regulations.
   (E)   Testing procedures for waste constituents and characteristics shall be as provided in title 40 code of federal regulations part 136.
   (F)   In the event of an emergency involving an actual or imminent SSO, the director and designees may access adjoining businesses or properties that share a public sewer system with an FSE in order to prevent or remediate the actual or imminent SSO. (Ord. 1646, 5-8-2012)