The FSE and the property owner shall be required to maintain on the FSE premises copies of all documentation required in this chapter for no less than three (3) years. The FSE and the property owner shall, upon request, make the documentation readily available for inspection at any time to the director, any inspector and/or enforcement officer and the public. Required documentation shall include:
   (A)   A record or logbook of grease interceptor and/or grease control device cleaning and maintenance practices and activities;
   (B)   A record or logbook of kitchen BMPs being implemented, including employee training;
   (C)   Copies of waste hauling records and manifests for grease interceptor contents and waste oil disposal and recycling;
   (D)   Records of solids accumulation in the grease interceptor to determine compliance with the twenty five percent (25%) rule;
   (E)   Records of all sampling data;
   (F)   Records of any spills and/or cleaning of the sewer lateral or public sewer;
   (G)   Any other information necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter. (Ord. 1646, 5-8-2012)