Upon request by the director:
   (A)   Any FSE and/or property owner may be required to submit to the city two (2) copies of facility site plans, floor plans, mechanical and plumbing plans, detail drawings showing all sewer locations and connections, and schematic drawings of grease interceptors, FOG control devices or other FOG control equipment and appurtenances by size, location and elevation. The submittal shall be in a form and content acceptable to the director for review of the existing or proposed grease control device, monitoring facilities, metering facilities, and operating procedures. The review of the plans and procedures shall in no way relieve the FSE of the responsibility of modifying the facilities or procedures in the future as necessary to produce an acceptable discharge, and to meet the requirements of this chapter or the requirements of any other regulatory agency.
   (B)   The director may require the drawings be prepared by a California registered civil, chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineer. (Ord. 1646, 5-8-2012)