7-5-1: Purpose
7-5-2: Applicability
7-5-3: Definitions
7-5-4: FOG Discharge Limitation
7-5-5: Public Sewer Overflows; Public Nuisance; Abatement Orders And Cleanup Costs
7-5-6: Kitchen Best Management Practice (BMP) Requirements
7-5-7: Prohibitions; Requirements
7-5-8: FOG Control Requirements
7-5-9: Commercial And Institutional Properties
7-5-10: Grease Interceptor Requirements
7-5-11: Facilities And Drawing Submittal Requirements
7-5-12: Recordkeeping Requirements
7-5-13: Waiver Of Grease Interceptor Requirements
7-5-14: Facilities Monitoring And Right Of Entry Requirements
7-5-15: Monitoring And Reporting Conditions
7-5-16: Inspections And Sampling Conditions
7-5-17: Purpose Of Charges And Fees
7-5-18: Charges And Fees
7-5-19: Falsifying Information Or Tampering With Process
7-5-20: Notification Of Spill
7-5-21: Notification Of Planned Changes
7-5-22: Harmful Discharge; Immediate Suspension Or Termination Of Wastewater Service
7-5-23: Failure To Comply With FOG Regulations; Suspension And/Or Termination Of Wastewater Service
7-5-24: Compliance Time Schedule In Lieu Of Suspension Or Termination Of Wastewater Service
7-5-25: Violations And Penalties
7-5-26: Appeals