(A)   All residential solid waste and recyclables must be placed in authorized receptacles or containers as provided in this chapter. Receptacles or containers for residential solid waste and recyclables shall be of a size and type approved by the city manager. Receptacles for residential solid waste shall be placed at ground level, obscured from public view, and shall be placed on collection days in a manner suitable for collection, typically at curbside, but in no case shall they be placed in such a manner as to constitute a public hazard or nuisance. Receptacles shall be removed from curbside within forty eight (48) hours after collection. Unless special arrangements are made to accommodate those customers unable to place their receptacles at curbside, no collection shall take place unless the waste is placed in front of the residence prior to collection time. Each customer receiving residential solid waste service shall be supplied with as many authorized receptacles as needed by the customer to handle the waste stream of the residence. Receptacles may consist of waste carts of varying sizes and capacities. Receptacles must be returned when no longer used or upon cancellation of service.
   (B)   No person shall deface, damage, paint or in any way mark any authorized receptacles. Customers may be charged for replacement of waste carts which have been damaged or lost due to the fault or neglect of the customer under appropriate circumstances. (Ord. 1629, 6-23-2009)