Mandatory collection service is required for garbage, recyclable materials and other solid waste materials generated on all occupied properties within the city of Placerville, as identified in this chapter. As mandatory collection service is implemented and becomes available pursuant to the subscription guidelines of this chapter, the owner, tenant or occupant of every parcel with one or more businesses and/or residential buildings approved for occupancy and located within the city of Placerville shall subscribe to and thereafter use regularly the collection service franchised by the city of Placerville.
No provision herein contained shall be construed to conflict with any provision of the integrated waste management act, the medical waste management act, or any other state or federal law. In the event such a conflict exists, or shall exist in the future, state or federal law shall be controlling. This chapter is not intended, nor shall it apply to transfer stations or other solid waste disposal facilities. (Ord. 1629, 6-23-2009)