The periodic collection of garbage, recyclable materials and other solid waste materials from improved properties in the city of Placerville benefits occupants of places and premises in the city of Placerville, and promotes and protects the health, safety and welfare of all residents of the city of Placerville. Therefore, collection services provided by the city of Placerville's franchise collector/hauler are mandatory for all owners of improved property within the city of Placerville in or from which solid waste is created, accumulated or produced.
Solid waste must be regulated to the extent necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, to conserve disposal capacity, to meet state laws and to ensure cost effective public service. To this end, the city council finds that to give practical effect to this policy, a mandatory collection ordinance to regulate the collection of waste, and a comprehensive system for the storage, collection, removal, transport, recovery of marketable and recyclable materials, and disposal of solid waste in the city of Placerville is essential.
No person shall establish, operate or carry on the business of collecting, transporting or disposing of solid waste or recyclable materials within the city of Placerville unless a franchise agreement has been entered into between such person and the city of Placerville. The city council shall determine at its sole option and discretion whether to enter into any new or renewed franchise agreement with any person. The maximum number of franchises to be awarded by the city council shall be one franchise for the collection, transportation, recycling, composting and disposal and waste diversion of solid waste and recyclable materials within the city of Placerville. A franchise shall be granted only to persons who possess all permits and licenses necessary to provide solid waste collection services in El Dorado County and the city of Placerville. A franchise may be revoked according to the terms of the relevant franchise agreement. (Ord. 1629, 6-23-2009)