(A)   Drinking Water: The permittee shall provide a potable domestic water supply from a source approved by the health officer. Water shall not be dipped from a receptacle for drinking or cooking uses. All food concessions that handle other than packaged or bottled goods must be supplied with hot and cold running water under pressure and a means of disposing of wastewater.
If trucks are used to haul water into the site, they shall, prior to use, be cleaned and sterilized under the supervision of the county health department.
Water shall be provided for employees and spectators at the following rate per person per day: employees - thirty five (35) gallons; spectators - ten (10) gallons.
The approval of the county health officer of permittee's drinking water plans shall be a prerequisite to an issuance of a permit.
   (B)   Sanitary Facilities: Adequate toilet facilities for both sexes must be distributed throughout the grounds as follows: One water closet, chemical or sanitary privy unit, must be supplied for each two hundred fifty (250) persons.
Toilet facilities and accessories shall be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times and shall be cleaned at least twice each day.
Wastewater and sewage originating on the grounds must be disposed of by a system approved by the health officer.
The approval by the health officer of permittee's sanitary facilities plans shall be a prerequisite for the issuance of a permit. (Ord. 1001, 4-27-1971)