An application for a permit and the required accompanying documents shall be in six (6) copies and shall show:
   (A)   The owner, exact location, legal description and area of the premises on which it is planned to conduct the activities.
   (B)   The owner, exact location, legal description and area of all lands to be used for parking or other uses incidental to the activity.
   (C)   The date or dates and the hours during which the event is to be conducted.
   (D)   An estimate of the minimum and maximum numbers of customers, spectators, participants and other persons expected to attend the event for each day it is conducted, together with detailed information supporting such estimate.
   (E)   A detailed explanation of the applicant's program, plans and ability to supply potable water and facilities, food supply and facilities, sanitation facilities (including, but not limited to, sewage, garbage and rubbish), medical and first aid facilities and services, vehicle parking space, vehicle access, on site traffic control, evacuation plans for sick or injured persons and to comply with all conditions and regulations set forth in this chapter and in proposed permit conditions.
   (F)   A description of all loudspeakers and sound equipment to be used and the intensity of the sound, in decibels, at the boundaries of the premises.
   (G)   If it is proposed or expected that customers, spectators or participants will remain overnight, the arrangements for illuminating the premises and for camping or similar facilities.
   (H)   Provisions for cleanup of the premises and removal of rubbish after the event has concluded.
   (I)   Such other information pertinent to the event as the city council or any officer of the city finds is reasonably necessary and required in order to determine whether or not the permit should be granted.
   (J)   The name, age, residence, mailing address and telephone number of the applicant, and applicant's legal nature, such as individual, partnership, corporation, etc. If the application is made by a partnership, the names and addresses of all partners both general and special shall be included. If the applicant is a corporation, the application shall be signed by the president and secretary thereof, and shall contain the names and addresses of all corporate officers and a certified copy of the articles of incorporation shall be attached to the application. If the application is by a joint venture, the names and addresses of each member of the joint venture shall be included.
   (K)   Financial statement sufficient to give assurance of the ability of the applicants to meet the conditions of the permit.
   (L)   A detailed explanation of the applicant's plan for policing the activity with particular emphasis on the control and prevention of illegal alcoholic and illegal drug consumption.
   (M)   A detailed explanation of the applicant's plans in the event more persons attempt to attend the event than is permitted by the particular permit involved.
   (N)   A consent to the entry at any time in the course of his duties of any peace officer, and any employee of the police department of the city, sheriff, health officer, and any other El Dorado County officer, and any city officer or employee, California highway patrol officer or state officer or employee, in the performance of his duties, including, but not limited to, inspection.
   (O)   The address of applicant within the state of California to which all notices and correspondence addressed to applicant shall be directed by the city. Any notice or correspondence addressed and mailed postage prepaid to said address shall be deemed received by applicant. (Ord. 1001, 4-27-1971)