When a physical facility is required or subject to approval hereunder, conditional approval may be granted upon the basis of specific plans and specifications proposed and submitted by the applicant for permit. Any and all facilities required under the terms of any permit issued shall be in existence and in place at the location for which the permit is granted, ten (10) days or more before the date when said event is scheduled to take place and shall be subject to inspection and approval of the agencies, departments or offices whose approval is required. Inspection of any and all facilities referred to herein shall be approved or disapproved at least five (5) days preceding the event. Failure by the department or agency to act as herein required shall constitute an approval. If the facilities fail to meet the standards set forth in the plans and specifications therefor which have been conditionally approved, such conditional approval shall be withdrawn and any and all permits granted subject to such approval shall be cancelled and withdrawn. (Ord. 1001, 4-27-1971)